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Information for Parents and Carers











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Useful Links:

NSPCC – Keeping Children Safe

Child Accident Prevention Trust

Lullaby Trust

Understanding Childhood

Your Guide to Support Services – Family Support

Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP)

Returning to Primary School: What Parents Need to Know

Returning to Secondary School: What Parents Need to Know

Children’s Commissioner: Going Back to School

KSCP Child CSA Medical Assessment Leaflet

KSCP Child Physical Injury Medical Assessment Leaflet

KSCP Family Information Leaflet for Injuries to Immobile Babies

ICON – Crying Graph Info Video on Vimeo

ICON – Babies Cry. You Can Cope!

Think U Know – What is Sexual Grooming?

WalkwithMe – Charity to support parents of children who are potential victims of exploitation

Safer Sleeping

Bruising, burns and scalds information for parents/carers

Can We Talk to You About Self-Harm? – Guidance for adults

Dangers and risks of bottle propping

The Big Ask

The largest ever survey of children in England, designed to find out what their concerns and aspirations about the future are.

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If you think a child in Kirklees is being abused or mistreated or you have concerns about a child’s well-being or need advice and support about a child with a disability you should call and speak to someone at one of the following numbers:



















All calls concerning worries about children are treated seriously. You will be asked where the child lives and who looks after the child. Enquires will be made and if it is found that a child is being abused or is at risk of significant harm professionals will work together with the family to ensure that the child is protected.