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Road Safety

Kirklees Road Safety

Take extra care when texting and listening to music when out and about – the following video clips produced by the Kirklees Road Safety Champions highlight the dangers:

Car Seats and UK Law


Research shows that:

  • the morning and afternoon school runs are the peak times for accidents involving children;
  • even at low speeds, having your child in an incorrectly fitted seat could increase their risk of injury.

What the law says

The law says that all children up to 135cm tall (around 4’5″), or age 12, whichever comes first, in the front or rear seats in cars, vans and other goods vehicles must travel in the correct child restraint for their weight with very few exceptions.

Visitors to the UK from abroad must also use the correct child restraint for their children – there are no exceptions for them.  Family and friends expecting visitors should make sure that their visitors understand the rules so that children use the correct child restraint at all times. Car rental companies can supply child restraints for their customers if booked in advance.

What is meant by ‘child restraints’?

‘Child restraints are:

  • baby seats
  • child seats
  • booster seats
  • booster cushions.

Rear-facing baby seats MUST NOT be used in a seat protected by a frontal air-bag unless the air-bag has been deactivated manually or automatically.

In vehicles where seat belts are fitted children aged three years to 135 cms (approx 4ft 5ins) height MUST use the appropriate child restraint.

Further information can be found at:

Useful resources for Parents / Carers

Every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world is killed in a road crash. Brake works to stop road deaths and injuries by campaigning for safer roads; supports people bereaved or injured in road crashes; and raises public awareness for sustainable transport.

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