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Protecting children from bullying and cyber bullying

Bullying includes:

  • internet safety and cyberbullying
  • homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullying
  • racism, religion and culture
  • sexism and sexual bullying
  • special needs and disability bullying

National Resources

The Brunswick Centre

The Brunswick Centre enables people from the communities we serve to make informed choices, build healthier relationships and live positive lives free of stigma.

Services include:

·         an LGBT youth service for 11 – 24 year olds in Kirklees providing one-to-one support, weekly youth group, monthly trans support group, joint work in schools and colleges, research and evaluation into the needs of LGBT young people.

·         HIV support services to people infected with or affected by HIV including one-to-one support, children and families support group, needs assessment and action planning, dietitian, wellbeing support, benefits and welfare rights service, hardship grants and support.

·         HIV prevention services including HIV testing in community settings, condoms by post scheme, prevention outreach and online, formula milk for babies born to HIV positive mothers.

·         Smoking cessation support including prescribing of nicotine replacement therapy for people from the LGBT communities or those with HIV

The Brunswick Centre provides several services across Calderdale & Kirklees. The Centre is a registered charity (charity no. 1015450) and company limited by guarantee (registration number 2764525).

For more information, visit the website

Useful resources for Parents / Carers

  • OXME
  • Kidscape
    Provides helpful advice and information to prevesafernt and tackle bullying.
  • Bully Free Zone
    One of the leading peer support projects in Britain. The project aims to raise awareness of alternative ways of resolving conflicts and reducing bullying.
  • Bullying UK
    Provides help and reliable information on a variety of bullying issues.
  • Family Lives Parentline Plus
    Information for parents who are concerned about bullying in their child’s life, both outside and within school.
  • Anti Bullying Network
    An independent anti-bullying service which provides training, publications and consultancy services.
  • Anti-Bullying Alliance
    Provides teachers and other practitioners working with children and young people with a bank of resources for addressing bullying behaviour and discussing bullying and related issues.
  • Red Balloon
    Focusing on the recovery of bullied children.
  • fm Fact Sheet (.pdf format, 1.6 MB)

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