Bullying includes:

  • internet safety and cyberbullying
  • homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullying
  • racism, religion and culture
  • sexism and sexual bullying
  • special needs and disability bullying

National Resources

Useful resources for Parents / Carers

  • OXME
  • Kidscape
    Provides helpful advice and information to prevesafernt and tackle bullying.
  • Bully Free Zone
    One of the leading peer support projects in Britain. The project aims to raise awareness of alternative ways of resolving conflicts and reducing bullying.
  • Bullying UK
    Provides help and reliable information on a variety of bullying issues.
  • Family Lives Parentline Plus
    Information for parents who are concerned about bullying in their child’s life, both outside and within school.
  • Anti Bullying Network
    An independent anti-bullying service which provides training, publications and consultancy services.
  • Anti-Bullying Alliance
    Provides teachers and other practitioners working with children and young people with a bank of resources for addressing bullying behaviour and discussing bullying and related issues.
  • Red Balloon
    Focusing on the recovery of bullied children.
  • fm Fact Sheet (.pdf format, 1.6 MB)
  • Childline
    Help and advice for young people suffering from bullying


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