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Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

If there is an allegation with regard to someone who works with children about children they care for in another capacity (eg their own children) then this potentially has implications for their professional role and must also be referred to the LADO.

Any allegation can require potentially three different enquiries: a police investigation; a child protection enquiry; and a disciplinary enquiry. The LADO will ensure that enquiries are managed appropriately and that information is shared between the police, social care and the employer. The LADO will discuss with the employer how the person who the allegation is about will be supported and managed whilst enquiries are being undertaken and how children will be kept safe whilst enquiries are ongoing.  If it is evidenced that someone is unsafe to work with children the LADO will ensure required actions have been taken including, when necessary, referring to the appropriate bodies.

On occasions someone who works with children can behave in a way that causes their colleagues or management anxieties. Such behaviors may include the failure to understand or appreciate how his or her own actions or those of others could adversely impact upon the safety and well-being of a child; inability to make sound professional judgements which safeguard the welfare of children; failure to understand or recognize the need for clear personal and professional boundaries in his or her work; behaved in a way in his or her personal life which could put children at risk of harm; become the subject of criminal proceedings not relating to a child.

Anyone with concerns about a person’s suitability to work with children should contact the LADO for advice and guidance.

Kirklees Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) information can be found via the link below, by clicking the link you will be redirected to the Kirklees LADO web page.

Local Authority Designated Officer | Kirklees Council

Improved outcomes for children are aided by close collaboration between single and multi-agency partners, through timely conversations.  The Kirklees LADO web page identifies three options enabling you to seek early advice and guidance;

  • LADO Phone number
  • LADO Email
  • LADO Contact form
  • LADO Referral form

The Kirklees LADO web page is for all Organisations, Schools / Agencies whose staff are in a position of trust or work (paid or unpaid) with children and young people in any setting.

Allegations management guidance can also be accessed through our partners at West Yorkshire Procedures online via the link

One Minute Guide – LADO First Reponses