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West Yorkshire Organisational Safeguarding Assessment (Formerly the Section 11 Audit)

A few things to note before progressing and undertaking the Organisational Safeguarding Assessment:

How do i register and log on to the Organisational Safeguarding Assessment?

Here is the log on link

You can create a new account and reset your password here too.

What is the Organisational Safeguarding Assessment? (Formerly the Section 11 Audit)

Section 11 of the Children Act 2004 places duties on a range of organisations and individuals to ensure their functions, and any services that they contract out to others, are discharged having regard to the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

What does ‘Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children’ mean?

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children means:

  • Protecting children from maltreatment
  • Preventing impairment of children’s health and/or development
  • Ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe effective care
  • Taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.

How will completing the Organisational Safeguarding Assessment benefit your organisation?

  • A completed Organisational Safeguarding Assessment section 11 provides evidence for national inspection organisations e.g. Ofsted/CQC/HMIC.
  • Provides evidence that safeguarding is a priority within your organisation.
  • Provides evidence that your organisation works closely with the KSCP and understands it’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrates compliance with relevant legislation e.g. Working Together 2018, Keeping Children Safe in Education, Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.
  • Provides evidence of reflective practice.
  • Feeds into development/improvement work for your organisation.
  • Identifies good practice and areas for development within your organisation

Why the KSCP require you to complete a Organisational Safeguarding Assessment ?

  • Provides an understanding of the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements and of joint working to protect the children and young people of Kirklees.
  • Enables the future KSCP training and support for the Kirklees Partnership to be planned.
  • Enable organisations to give evidence of their understanding of safeguarding responsibilities by grading against quality standards model answers

What if I don’t complete a Organisational Safeguarding Assessment?

Section 11 states that all organisations who work with children and young people should ensure that they have effective arrangements in place to safeguard and promote their welfare.

If your organisation provides a service to children and/or young people or comes into contact with them, you need to ensure that you comply with Section 11 of the Children Act 2004. Not completing a Section 11 Audit will mean you are not compliant with section 11 of the Children Act 2004.

Whose responsibility is it to complete the Organisational Safeguarding Assessment?

It is your organisations responsibility to complete a section 11 audit. An appropriate member of staff should have a high level awareness of the service including in depth knowledge of contracts that are out to other organisations to deliver. The actual completion of the audit may be a small team effort but should be submitted by one member of staff on behalf of the organisation.

My organisation covers more than one district in West Yorkshire. How do I submit for multiple districts?

Log in and choose the area for which you are completing the OSA. Once done press submit. If you want to send it to another area, log back out, log in and choose a different area from the drop down list and go to submit and that area will then receive a copy also.

I have logged in and created a login, but I haven’t received the Welcome email?

The Welcome email can sometimes be sent to junk/spam email folders, so please check your junk/spam email folder. If it is not there, sometimes it can get caught in a firewall if set up at your organisation.

I’m having problems registering on the Organisational Safeguarding Assessment and not receiving anything in my junk/spam email folder. What do I need to do?

It could be that your security firewall is blocking the password registration getting to you. If you haven’t received an email within 24 hours after your original registration please add the following email to your safe senders email list – – then please use the forgotten password process to generate a new password. Please note that you do not need to register as new again because your details will be in the system

My organisation works in two Local Authorities. How do I ensure I can share with both areas?

On logging in select Kirklees, complete the 8 sections and once complete press submit – your completed file will go to Kirklees. You must then log out, log in again and select Kirklees, go through each of the sections and press submit again for the submission to go to Kirklees. 

Can I use a login that isn’t my personal email, so that another person is able to access and update?

Users can utilize any email address they wish and share the log in details with another person so that they both have access. However, it is important that your multiple people only sign in one at a time because if they are both signed in at the same time, they could overwrite the other persons entry.

We have multiple users who have been given the login and password details to work on the assessment. The members of the team keep getting the message ‘invalid credentials’. What do we need to do?

When multiple members of a team are using the same login and password you must not log in at the same time as the system will recognise that someone is already logged in on that account and give the ‘invalid credentials ‘message.

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