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Statutory agencies in Kirklees have established two multi-agency processes to respond to the most serious cases of domestic abuse in Kirklees:

Daily Risk Assessment Management Meeting (DRAMM).

The DRAMM is a daily (Monday-Friday) meeting of a small number of agencies that discuss police incidents and MARAC referrals from the previous 24 hours (72 hours on a Monday).  DRAMM agencies share information about victims, perpetrators and children, conduct a risk assessment and implement a safety plan that will include an offer of appropriate services for victims, perpetrators and any children that may be affected by the abuse.

Multi-agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC). 

MARAC is a fortnightly meeting of 18 agencies that discuss high risk cases that have been referred by the DRAMM.  MARAC agencies meet to share information about victims, perpetrators and children;  conduct a risk assessment and review the safety plan that was developed and implemented by the DRAMM; and consider if additional actions are required to improve victim safety.

DRAMM-MARAC does not replace existing case management or safeguarding responsibilities, but provides an opportunity to consider if all that could be done, is being done to support high risk victims of domestic abuse.  This improves agency accountability; and support for staff involved in high risk domestic abuse cases

Practitioners from all agencies should refer high risk cases to MARAC.

To determine if a case is high risk, practitioners can complete a Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour Based Violence (DASH 2018) risk assessment with the victim.  If the risk assessment score is 14 or more, or a professional feels that the case includes features that are particularly high risk (such as attempted strangulation),the MARAC threshold has been met and a referral to MARAC should be made.

High risk cases should be referred using the DRAMM MARAC referral form. This form, and DASH, should be sent by secure email to –

Referral information is shared with the Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor (IDVA) Service and all agencies that attend MARAC and are signatory to the MARAC and DRAMM Information Sharing Protocol.  Agencies will then search their records to enable them to provide relevant and proportionate information to the MARAC meeting.

Referring agencies are invited to attend DRAMM-MARAC to discuss their case.


Further information  

If you need any further information about the DRAMM-MARAC process, or to discuss a case, please contact the MARAC Coordinator, Debbie Humpleby, on 01924 431492 or email to

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Further Support for Domestic Abuse

Professionals and individuals can access support for domestic abuse cases via the Pennine Domestic Abuse Partnership 24 hour freephone Helpline – 0800 0527222.

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