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Reducing Parental Conflict


In Kirklees, our partnership definition of Parental Conflict is that:

“Parental conflict does not involve any abuse or violence. Conflict between parents – whether together or separated – is a normal and healthy part of relationships. However, when children witness conflict that is not resolved or includes regular or long periods of bickering, arguing, shouting, or ignoring one another, it can be harmful to our children. It can result in children feeling upset, confused, and angry, affect their relationships throughout their lives and impact their schooling, their health and wellbeing and their behaviours”

In Kirklees we know that it is important to have professional language to describe the conflict between parents, but we also want all professionals to understand the importance of relationships, therefore our programmes of work are around why ‘Relationships Matter’. To read more about why Relationships Matter in Kirklees please read our 7-minute guide. We have also worked with partners in neighbouring Local Authorities to develop a shared website ‘Relationship Matters’

Reducing Parental Conflict Programme

The Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC) programme is a national initiative led by the Department for Work and Pension (DWP), which recognises the harmful impact that conflict between parents can have upon children’s outcomes. DWP fund local areas to support them to identify and address issues of Parental Conflict as early as possible. This involves working with partners to complete the Early Support Assessment with families and ensuring that frontline practitioners working across our Early Support Partnership, access suitable training and development opportunities so that they can offer a ‘No Wrong Door’ approach to Parental Conflict.

National Resources:

The Reducing Parental Conflict Hub is for local leaders, commissioners, practitioners and researchers who are looking to reduce the impact of parental conflict on children. It provides a central repository of key ‘what works’ evidence and tools, including why parental conflict matters for children’s outcomes, and guidance on how to take action. The hub continues to grow as new evidence and tools are created. guidance on Reducing Parental Conflict Programme from DWP

7 minute Briefing – The Importance of Supporting Healthy Relationships

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