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Contextual Safeguarding

Contextual Safeguarding is an approach to understanding, and responding to, young people’s experiences of significant harm beyond their families.

It recognises that the different relationships that young people form in their neighbourhoods, schools and online can feature violence and abuse.

Parents and carers have little influence over these contexts, and young people’s experiences of extra-familial abuse can undermine parent – child relationships.

Therefore children’s social care practitioners need to engage with individual and sectors who do have influence over  within extra familial contexts, and recognise that assessment of, and intervention with, these spaces are a critical part of safeguarding practices.

Contextual Safeguarding therefore expands the objectives of child protection systems in recognition that young people are vulnerable to abuse in a range of social contexts.


Contextual safeguarding includes addressing the following safeguarding concerns Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), County Lines, Child Trafficking, Children affected by Gang Activity, Harmful Sexual Behaviour (where this is outside of the family home) and Missing.

Soft Intelligence

Professionals who have information or intelligence relating to sexual exploitation please complete the information report and send to the West Yorkshire Police Portal. This form  is specifically to share information and is not a substitute for the West Yorkshire Risk identification tool.

For all other enquiries contact the Duty and Advice Team at Civic Centre 1 in Huddersfield  on Tel: 01924 414960 or email

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