Missing Children

Children who go missing from home or care

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is a key duty on local authorities. Children running away and going missing from home, care or view is a safeguarding issue. The DfE published new statutory guidance in January 2014 which primarily addressed the responsibilities on Local Authorities to children who run away or go missing from home care or view.

Statutory guidance on children who run away or go missing from home or care

Definitions of missing

Absent: a child not at a place where they are expected or required to be.

Missing: a child reported as missing to the police by their family or carers.

Missing from care: a looked after child who is not at their placement or the place they are expected to be (e.g. school) and their whereabouts is not known.

Away from placement without authorisation: A looked after child whose whereabouts is known but who is not at their placement or place they are expected to be and the carer has concerns or the incident has been notified to the local authority or the police.

Safe & well check: A return interview can sometimes be confused with a Safe and Well check. Whilst both of these should be conducted when the missing child/young person is found they are not the same. A safe and well check is carried out by the police to establish whether the child has come to any harm whilst missing. This is in line with police duties to ‘protect life and investigate crime’.

Kirklees Missing Children Strategy 2017-19

Click here for the Kirklees Missing Strategy 2017-19

Kirklees Missing Children Procedures

Local Missing Children Procedure for all  Kirklees Looked After Children  
Local Missing Children Procedure for all Non-LAC Children and Out of Area LAC Living in Kirklees
West Yorkshire Safeguarding Board Procedures 1


Appendix 1 - Missing Risk Assessment
Appendix 2 - Missing/Absent Incident Form
Appendix 3 - Missing Professional's Meeting & Risk Management Plan

Useful Information

Statutory Guidance - Missing From Care
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Guidance for schools on the monitoring and reporting of pupils who absent themselves during the school day

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