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Multi-agency safeguarding children/Schools’ Designated Senior Person, Virtual College e-learning and KSCB e-learning training courses are targeted at all staff from statutory, voluntary and independent agencies who work with children, young people, families and vulnerable adults in the Kirklees area.

These courses can be accessed via the links below:

To view and self-register to all KSCB courses and e-learning click here.

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What to do if You are Worried About a Child

If you think a child in Kirklees is being abused or mistreated or you have concerns about a child’s well-being you should call and speak to someone at one of the following numbers:

  • Duty & Advice team
    01484 456848
  • Kirklees Emergency Duty Service
    01484 414933 (outside office hours)
  • NSPCC Helpline: 0808 800 5000
  • NSPCC email:
  • NSPCC text: 88858 (free service)

Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board Website

This site primarily provides safeguarding information for professionals and volunteers in Kirklees. The site also provides information for members of the public, parents and carers, and children and young people, on some of the key issues that can affect the wellbeing and safety of children. Links to external websites are provided where further specialist information and advice on particular issues can be obtained.

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Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board (KSCB) has moved!

Our new address is:

Brian Jackson House
2 New North Parade
Huddersfield HD1 5JP.

*The KSCB has a dedicated training room at Brian Jackson House, where the majority of KSCB training will be held

Neglect Strategy

KSCB are pleased to present the new Neglect Strategy which will shape and progress our work in this key are over the next 12 months and beyond. To view the strategy click here

Parental Learning Disability

This document is a slimmed down version of Good practice guidance on working with parents with a learning disability (2007).
The link for the full version is in the bibliography of this document. To view the document click here

Family Court Proceedings and The Impact of Domestic Abuse

Click here to view a leaflet about what to expect during family court proceedings, support and legal advice available and how the police can help.

Public Health - World Mental Health Day

Public Health are hosting a World Mental Health Day on the 10th October at John Smiths Stadium from 5:30pm till 8:30pm. Please see attached a flyer promoting the event.

The event is specifically aimed around tackling Men’s Mental Health in Kirklees and the stigma that surrounds the illness.

The speakers at the event will be an ex-professional rugby league player and a referee -  who will be talking about how the illness affected them both in their personal lives and careers, how they tackled/coped/beat the illness with the support they received. This will be followed by a performance by Andy’s Man Club –a group of men from Kirklees with lived experience of mental health conditions.

There will also be a network opportunity to meet with MH support groups who will be offering precious and valuable support, information, guidance, lived experiences and lend a compassionate ear to those who do want to be heard.

Everyone at some point in their lives will be affected by mental illness, this is why we are passionate about:

  • Reaching out to Kirklees residents and the workforce to signpost the support that is available
  • Help prevent individuals mental health reaching a crisis point
  • Help tackle the mental health stigma which affects the lives of many people, their families, friends, their nearest and dearest, work colleagues
  • Reaching out to people you see in your every-day life who are suffering but suffer in silence
  • Highlighting support and resources that can be easily accessed locally to help prevent reaching crisis point and tackle suicidal thoughts

The event is not exclusively for men, anyone can attend and bring their partner, work colleague, friend, relative or even a neighbour who they think might benefit from attending.

The link to booking your ticket to attend the event is:

Family Court Proceedings and the Impact of Domestic Abuse

What to expect during family court proceedings, support and legal advice available and how the police can help.

Click here for the full leaflet.

Are They Playing Safe This Summer?

Talking to your child about these dangers can help them stay safe when they are out on their own this summer

Click here to access the leaflet.

New Escalation Process

When working in the arena of safeguarding children and young people, it is inevitable that at times there will be professional disagreement between agencies. Whilst this is accepted, it is vital that such disagreements are not allowed to adversely affect the outcomes for children and young people. Professional disagreement is only dysfunctional if it is not resolved in a constructive and timely way. This protocol therefore, provides a process for resolving professional disagreements between agencies.

Click here to go to the webpage

BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme

The BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme is delivered by Family Fund Business Services (FFBS). It aims to provide grant items that meet children and young peoples’ most basic needs or are critical to their wellbeing.  It supports children and young people who are facing exceptionally difficult circumstances.

They can deliver or fund critical items such as:

  • Gas or electric cookers
  • Essential household items
  • Furniture and kitchen equipment
  • Children’s beds and bedding
  • Washing machines
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Baby equipment
  • Clothing in exceptional or emergency situations

Becoming a referrer & supporting the families you work with:

The grant is a referrer only programme and we want to work with as many organisations as possible in order to reach the families who are eligible for the grant. 

You can find more information & register as a referrer on our website:  

All applications are done through the referrer’s online portal. All staff need to register individually as separate referrers so that they can access their portal & track their applications.

You can find out more information about our eligibility criteria & what being a referrer for the grant means in these guidelines:


The KSCB have created a section called Archive News for older news and updates.

This can be found under 'Information for Professionals' or Click here to go straight to this section

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