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Duty & Advice Leaflet


Prior to completion of the referral contact form here please ensure that you contact Duty and Advice or the Emergency Duty Team to discuss your concerns by telephone in the first instance. 

Advice on enquiries needing an immediate response:  

Advice on Enquiries which can wait until the n​ext working day:

What to do if you are concerned for the safety of a child

If you suspect that a child or young person is being harmed or is at risk of being harmed then you have a duty to report it immediately.

If you are ever concerned that a child is in immediate danger please call the police on 999.

Child abuse can have major long-term effects on all aspects of a child’s health and well-being. Children and young people are dependent on others for their survival and have a right to be protected and to have someone who will act on their behalf. If you are a member of the public you may first like to discuss your concerns with someone who works with children and families, such as your health visitor, social worker, school nurse or teacher (as all schools have a teacher responsible for child protection). 

Please act promptly!


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