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Child Accident Prevention Trust - 

Thinkuknow game and website for 8-10 year olds

The fun new runner-style game for 8-10 year olds – is now live on the Thinkuknow website. The game features some familiar faces: Sam, Alfie and Ellie from the Play Like Share animations are continuing their adventures and helping children to  build their knowledge, confidence and skills to stay safe from sexual abuse and other risks they might encounter online.

The safest place for your baby to sleep (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths)

Important advice for parents of newborn babies.

Baby Zone - Keeping your baby safe and healthy (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths)
A very helpful leaflet full of advice on sleeping, feeding, safety, dangers of smoking.

Baby Check - is your baby really ill? (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths)
This leaflet contains 19 simple checks to help you decide whether your baby needs a doctor.

Dangers of blind cords and chains (British Blind and Shutter Association)
How to reduce the risk from looped blind cords and chains. 

NSPCC leaflets for parents and carers
These leaflet provide positive parenting advice.  They include understanding and managing children's behaviour, advice for parents on managing their own stress and anger, protecting children from sexual abuse, risks of leaving children home alone, preparing children for going out on thier own.

Advice to Parents and Carers on Gangs
Helping young people make the right choice.  

Car Seats and UK Law


Research shows that:

What the law says

The law says that all children up to 135cm tall (around 4'5"), or age 12, whichever comes first, in the front or rear seats in cars, vans and other goods vehicles must travel in the correct child restraint for their weight with very few exceptions.

Visitors to the UK from abroad must also use the correct child restraint for their children - there are no exceptions for them.  Family and friends expecting visitors should make sure that their visitors understand the rules so that children use the correct child restraint at all times. Car rental companies can supply child restraints for their customers if booked in advance.

What is meant by 'child restraints'?

'Child restraints are:

Rear-facing baby seats MUST NOT be used in a seat protected by a frontal air-bag unless the air-bag has been deactivated manually or automatically.

In vehicles where seat belts are fitted children aged three years to 135 cms (approx 4ft 5ins) height MUST use the appropriate child restraint.

Further information can be found at:

Summary of seat belt laws

Age/Height of child 

Child in front seat of car

Child in rear seat of car

Who is responsible

Child up to three years old

Correct child restraint must be used.

Correct child restraint must be used. If a restraint is not available in a licensed taxi/private hire vehicle, the child may travel unrestrained.


Child from 3rd birthday up to 135cms in height (approx 4' 5") or 12th birthday, whichever they reach first

Correct child restraint must be used.

Where seat belts are fitted, the correct child restraint must be used. The child must use the adult belt if the correct child restraint is not available as follows:

  • in a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle; or
  • for a short distance in an unexpected necessity; or
  • two occupied child restraints prevent fitting of a third.

A child of three years and over may travel unrestrained in the rear seat of a vehicle if seat belts are not fitted in the rear.


Child over 135cm (approx 4' 5") in height, or 12 or 13 years old

Seat belt must be worn if available.

Seat belt must be worn if available.


Passengers aged 14 years old and over

Seat belt must be worn if available.

Seat belt must be worn if available.


Advice websites

Kirklees Family Information Service
The Family Information Service offers free information, advice and guidance for children, young people and their parents or carers on finding and paying for childcare, parenting issues, family activities and organisations that can offer further support. 

Kirklees Family Information Directory
This directory holds information, advice and guidance on a range of areas including finance, health, behaviour, parenting, relationships, childcare, and family activities.  Search the directory using key words.

Kirklees Parent Partnership Service
The service offers advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people who have been identified as having special educational needs. The service also supports parents and carers who think their child might have special educational needs. The service is free.   

The Children with a Disability Team in Kirklees aims to help young disabled people from before birth to 18.  

Understanding Childhood
This website provides a range of free information leaflets covering child development from birth through teenage years to adulthood.  Includes crying and sleeping, separations and changes, post natal depression, fathers, teenage relationships, bereavement, behavioural difficulties and mental health. 

Child Accident Prevention Trust
Expert advice on child safety and preventing accidents in the home and when children are out and about.

What to do if your child goes missing
The Children's Society has published a guide for parents and carers whose children are at risk of running away from home. The guide includes information on why children run away, what questions parents and carers will be asked by the police if their child does run away, and what to do when their child returns. Posted 18 March 2013.

St John Ambulance - Learn Baby CPR with Nursery Rhymes Inc.
The St John Ambulance have a short video - Learn what to do if your baby stops breathing. 
There are also other First Aid resources for parents available.
Posted:  27-05-2016

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