Early Support

What is the Early Support Assessment?

The Early Support Assessment replaces the Single Assessment Part 1. The Single Assessment is now only to be completed by a qualified social worker working in social care.

If you identify additional unmet needs for a child that do not require intervention by social workers then it may help your understanding of what support you can offer if you complete an Early Support Assessment. The Early Support Assessment should be a tool in its own right and not simply a referral mechanism.

For children whose needs and circumstances make them more vulnerable, a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach is usually best, based on an Early Support Assessment, with a Lead Practitioner to work closely with the child and family to ensure they receive all the support they require.

Children who have additional needs may require extra support to help them in the following areas:

  • The child’s developmental needs;
  • The parents’ or caregivers’ capacity to respond appropriately to those needs; and
  • The wider family and environmental factors.

These areas are known as the three domains of the Assessment Framework and are sometimes depicted as a triangle::


Local Resources

Early Support Paperwork

The paperwork for the Early Support Assessment can be found below.

  • Early Support Partnership Strategy – Early Support and our shared approach to responding to the needs of children, young people and families.
  • Referrers Flowchart Family Support This flowchart will help decide whether a family is suitable for family support
  • Early Support Referral Form If you are a professional and think a family, child or young person needs support from our service we would like you to speak to us first by calling on 01484 456823. Once you have discussed the request and agreed this is an appropriate referral you will then be asked to complete the referral form.
  • Early-Support-Assessment must be completed as fully as possible from a multi-agency perspective. Consent from the family must be obtained before carrying out an assessment.
  • TAF-Support-Plan outlines the individuals involved in the Team Around the Family (TAF) and the outcomes you want to achieve for the child(ren). Please be clear and SMART in your objectives.
  • TAF: Lead Professional Checklist  (if you would prefer this in Word document format please let us know)

If you need advice or support in completing the assessment you may want to discuss this with an Early Support Consultant. Please contact Early Support to find out who your local consultant is on: 01484 456823


A framework for making safeguarding decisions in Kirklees

A framework for making safeguarding decisions in Kirklees sets out our approach to keeping children in Kirklees safe and protected from harm. The guidance builds on ‘conversations‘ with colleagues from all agencies over many months and in particular the work that has focused on Early Help and Early Support. The guidance is intended to help professionals embed into their practice a restorative and strengths based approach, and is designed to ensure that across the continuum of need professionals consider that the right help is given to the right children at the right time and for the right duration.


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