Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017-18

Executive Summary

This year, we have:

  • Re structured our Board arrangements
  • Developed a new Framework for making ‘Good’ Decisions in safeguarding
  • Agreed a restorative approach to practice across the partnership
  • Supported work with young people on ‘Being Safe’ in Kirklees
  • Acted upon the learning from serious cases nationally and from our own learning reviews
  • Supported the development of an Early Support Strategy that builds on the work around schools and in communities
  • Developed an improved approach to understanding performance across the system
  • Improved the scrutiny of performance arrangements, to better understand the journey of the child, challenge improvements and celebrated success
  • Spent some time with front line practitioners in the Front Door arrangements , a special school , A &E , the child protection and Review service
  • Implemented operation Encompass and developed work around Domestic Abuse
  • Undertaken some work to understand the outcomes for vulnerable groupings , including those who are caught up in criminal behaviour , and Children and Young people in the Looked After system
  • Undertaken briefing sessions for all councillors on safeguarding responsibilities
  • Commenced recruitment of new lay members
  • Created a new online Section 11 Audit, reported on the findings and sought assurances from agencies
  • Developed a multi-agency audit plan
  • Supported the development of work on risk and vulnerability
  • Organised discussion with all care providers in the independent sector on safeguarding expectations particularly in relation to missing
  • Developed a resource pack for providers of care
  • Contributed to the consultation on Working Together 2018 and worked with authorities regionally to support cross border working where this brings better outcomes.
  • Supported the development of new arrangements to consider child deaths
  • Supported discussion with Housing on the challenges of housing across the District and the impact for children to understand better the mobility of vulnerable children
  • Developed a new Training Strategy to give all workers the skills to be knowledgeable in safeguarding practice
  • Developed the understanding of CSE and missing and worked with care provide