Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers and Supported Children


Every day children arrive in this  country from overseas. Most of these children do so legally in the care of  their parents and do not raise any concerns for statutory agencies. However, evidence  indicates that a number of children are arriving into the UK:

Evidence shows that unaccompanied children or those accompanied by  someone, who is not their parent, are particularly vulnerable. These children (and  their carers) will need assistance to ensure that the child receives appropriate  care and accesses health and education services.

A small number of children who arrive from abroad may be exposed to the  additional risk of commercial, sexual or domestic exploitation. For further  information please see Safeguarding  Children who may have been Trafficked and Safeguarding  Children and Young People from Child Sexual Exploitation: Policy, Procedures  and Guidance.


The purpose of this guidance is to assist staff in all agencies to:


There are some key principles underpinning practice within all agencies in relation to unaccompanied children from abroad or those accompanied by someone who does not hold Parental Responsibility. These are:

Useful Information

To view the complete procedure document and guidance, please click here

No Recourse to Public Funds: A guide for frontline practitioners in West Yorkshire

Posted: 09/11/2018


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