Safeguarding in faith organisations

All faith organisations should have in place a safeguarding children policy and a designated person for safeguarding children.  The designated person should undertake the Kirklees level 2 multi-agency training course 'Working Together to Safeguard Children'.

All faith based organisations need to have appropriate arrangements in place for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.  These arrangements should include:

Faith organisations should refer to and use the guidance and safeguarding checklist on this website when developing their safeguarding children policies. 

Useful websites and publications

CCPAS (The Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service)
CCPAS has many years experience of working with a range of faith organisations.  CCPAS offers advice and support, a range of training and resources, and a 24 hour telephone helpline for churches, other places of worship and faith based groups and individuals, providing advice and support on safeguarding issues. 

A Handbook for Madressah Management & Safeguarding (Faith Associates 2012)
Practical advice for successful madrassah and mosque management.  Provides guidance on how to instigate good management styles, how to improve record keeping and how to build on good teaching and learning practice.

Madrassah Pupil First - Safeguarding Code of Practice
Downloadable card for all Madrassah staff. Posted on 03/06/2014

Safeguarding children and young people within faith settings

The NSPCC have produced 7 short films of people talking about their faith and how safeguarding is central to their beliefs and work.The films are aimed at people working in faith settings and places of worship across the UK to help them keep children safe.

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