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Issue 30 June 2019

Featuring: New Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements, Safeguarding Week 2019 and the launch of a new website and course management system.

Issue 29 February 2019

Featuring Serious Incident Notification, KSCB Multi-Agency Safeguarding Children Training Plan 2019-2020, KSCB Annual Report 2017/18, Research Study Experiences of homelessness amongst LGBT People, Changes to Locala Sexual Health Service, Brunswick Centre Winter Newsletter 2018, Hub of Hope, Home-Start Volunteer Home-Visiting Support, SEND—Kirklees Local Offer, Kirklees Human Trafficking Training Event & Pornography and the Impact on Young People Workshop 

Issue 28 November 2018

Featuring KSCB move, Guidance Documents, PCC Newsletter, Elective Home Education, Notification of Child Death, A good News Story and New Training Run by CGL. 

Issue 27 August 2018

Featuring Ofsted Update on Children's Services Improvements, CCG evening and weekend appointments, What Works Survey, @KirkleesLSCB followers and upcoming KSCB training.

Issue 26 June 2018

Featuring articles: Kirklees Safeguarding Week, Section 11 Self-Assessment Audit, New Schools Safeguarding Officer, Oz Khan leaving, The Base & PCC newsletters and upcoming training courses. 

Issue 25 February 2018

Featuring articles: hild Protection Information Sharing, Neglect Strategy Workshop, New heads of service, Responses to Worling Together consultation, PCC Newsletter and Training

Issue 24 September 2017

Featuring articles: Kirklees Safeguarding Week, Section 11, Empowering Women to be Safe Online, KSCB Development Day Highlights and KSCB Training

Issue 23 July 2017

Featuring articles: KSCB Enable Audit Tool Launch, Kirklees Safeguarding Week, KSCB Meeting Highlights, Children Services Updates, Alexi Project, Bitesize Briefings

Issue 22 May 2017

Featuring articles: My First Mobile Phone, Virtual College E-learning Launch, KSCB Key messages, Dealing With It Launch Event, Children Services Update, Bitesize Briefings & Upcoming Training

Issue 21 March 2017

Featuring articles: Enable Audit, E-Learning, KSCB Key messages, Children Services Update, KSCB Staff update, Thank you and Farewells, Bitesize Briefings, Training.

Issue 20 January 2017

Featuring articles: Safer Internet Day 2017, Kayleigh's Love Story, KSCB Key Messages, Learning from Serious Case Reviews, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan, Risk Sensible Implementation, Childrens Services Updates and KSCB Training.

Issue 19 - Evaluation of Safeguarding Week 2017

Click here to read the evaluation of the first ever Kirklees Safeguarding Week

Issue 18 October/November 2016

Kirklees Safeguarding Week: Stonger together working for a safe and healthy Kirklees.

Issue 17 September 2016

Featuring articles: Safeguarding Week 2016, KSCB Board Highlights, MAR Guidance and MAR Form, Continuum of Need Response Framework, For your information and training, dates, times and venues.

Issue 16 July 2016
Featured articles: Safeguarding CSE Learning Disabilities Conference, Safeguarding Roadshow, KSCB Board Meeting Highlights, Continuum of Need Resonse Framework Consultation-Key Findings, Safer Communities Fund Awards.

Issue 15 - April 2016 Featured articles: Operation Bull Finch, Forced Marriage, The Goddard Enquiry, Bruises Burns and Scolds, CDOP Annual Report, KSCB Annual Report, KSCB Training Plan, Safeguarding Briefings 2016, Additional KSCB Training, National Campaigns , Twitter and Safeguarding Week.

Issue 14 - January 2016
The newsletter covers the latest Safeguarding Chiildren Board meeting which took place on 18 Decemebr 2015.
Some of the highlights from the meeting included CSE Audit, Multi-Agency Dataset, Board Priority Settings, Neglect Audit Group Exercise, Peer Challenge Review and the Learning & Disability Protocol.

KSCB Conference Newsletter - October 2015
The newsletter covers a conference that KSCB held which focussed on ‘Learning from Serious Case Reviews’. The conference aimed to disseminate lessons from recent local and national Serious Case Reviews and encourage practice development in response to the lessons learnt and to identify the barriers to learning in practice.

SCR Newsletter - January 2015
Feature articles:  Disguised Compliance; Over Optimism; Working with teenagers; The Voice of the Child; Training Courses; Learning & Improvement Briefing Feeback Form

Issue 13 - October 2014
Feature articles: Multi-agency Training and Evaluation; The Role of Advocacy and Young People's Contribution to the Conference; Review of the New Approach; View of a Conference Chair; Training.

Issue 12 - May 2014
Feature articles: Learning & Improvement Framework; Threshold - Continuum of help and support; Current KSCB E-learning; New E-learning opportunities - Launched February 2014; E-learning coming soon; Ideas for future courses and external training courses.

Issue 11 - November 2013
Feature articles: KSCB Annual Report 2012-2013; Changes to Child Protection Conferences; Safeguarding Teenagers Conference 2013; Voluntary, Community & Faith sector Safeguarding Children Conference; An introduction to Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board workstreams; Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board says goodbye to Jean Selbie; KSCB Staff Member interview; New & Free E-Learning courses and Safeguarding briefings (Autumn 2013). 

Issue 10 - June 2013
Feature articles: Integrated Domestic Abuse Team; The Pennine Domestic Violence Group; This is Abuse government website; Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013 guidance; Barnardo's Turnaround Service; The Strengthening Families Approach to Child Protection; Interviews with a KSCB Board Member and a Staff Team Member and the Child Sexual Exploitation Campaign. 

Issue 9 - March 2013
Feature articles: Practice/Reflective Learning Reviews, KSCB Mulit-Agency training plan, Developing links with Faith Organisations; Early Intervention and Targeted Support Service update; Disclosure and Barring; Juvenile Referral Scheme Audit; KSCB Board Member and KSCB Board Manager interviews; Safeguarding in the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector Conference 25 July 2013.

Issue 8 - December 2012
Feature articles:  Safeguarding Teenagers Work; Child Sexual Exploitation; Safeguarding Teenagers Conference; Neglect - Overview of Work; Lessons from Audits & Reviews - CAF; Lesson from Serious Case Review; Child Death Overview Panel; New Board Members; New Unit members; Agency Updates; Overview of KSCB unit; What to do if worried about a child.

Issue 7 - December 2011
Feature articles:  Voluntary and Community Sector; Female genital mutilation; Forced marriage; Government response to Munro; Common assessment framework (CAF); Serious case reviews - messages from national research; Supervision in child protection work; Joint visits guidance; Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO). 

Issue 6 - March 2011
Feature articles:  New KSCB workstreams; Neglect workshops; Audit of pre-birth assessments; Support for the Voluntary Sector; Protecting children at risk of sexual exploitation; Road safety mosque broadcast; Young people Road Safety Champions; Family Nurse Partnership; Dangers of window cord blinds.




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