Child Sexual Exploitation

Current Referral Process

If you have a concern about a child or young at risk or a victim of child sexual exploitation you should follow the referral process for Duty and Advice.

Safeguarding Children and Young People From Child Sexual Exploitation

Protocol and Practitioner Guidance
See section 5.7a of the West Yorkshire Consortium Safeguarding Children Procedures manual.

Statutory definition of Child Sexual Exploitation

Central government has defined Child Sexual Exploitation for practitioners, local leaders and decision makers working to protect children from child sexual exploitation.  The full definition and a complete guide for safeguarding practitioners can be found on the following link to the HM Gov. document: Child sexual exploitation - Definition and a guide for practitioners

Kirklees Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy 2016-18

Click here for the CSE Strategy 2016-18

Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment Tool

Click here for the CSE Risk Assessment Tool

Posted: 09/01/2019

Soft Intelligence

Professionals who have information or intelligence relating to sexual exploitation please complete the information report and send to .This form  is specifically to share information and is not a substitute for the West Yorkshire Risk identification tool.

For all other enquiries contact the integrated HUB at Dewsbury Police Station on Tel: 01924 431 499 or email

Child Sexual Exploitation Training Courses

To view all the Child Sexual Exploitation training courses provided by KSCB, click here.

Child Sexual Abuse training for Pharmacy Workers, for further details click here.

Child Sexual Exploitation Campaign in Kirklees Downloads

Know the Signs - Information and Resources for Professionals as part of West Yorkshire Police Campaign for Child Sexual Exploitation.  Please follow link http.//   
A joint campaign between West Yorkshire Police and Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation Poster
Hotel Leaflet Male Licensed Venue Leaflet
Hotel leaflet Female Crimestoppers Signs of CSE
 Kayleigh's Love Story  

Practice Guide - Supporting Professionals to meet the needs of Young People with learning disabilities who experience, or who are at risk of, child sexual exploitation. Updated on 22/01/2016

Kirklees Summary of Development in Child Exploitation Policy

This paper provides an overview of key developments in this area and tools that may assist Local Safeguarding Children Boards to keep children and young people safe from sexual exploitation.
It includes key responsibilities for LSCBs, key developments from April 2009 to August 2014 and provides a comparison of key documents relating to child sexual explotation.

'Say Something': New Anonymous Service For Young People To Report Sexual Abuse 
Say Something’ helpline: Call or Text 116000    
Facebook: /SaySomething
Twitter: @SaySomethingIf

National Guidance and Information on Child Sexual Exploitation

DfE - What To Do If You Suspect A Child Is Being Sexually Exploited.  DfE: A Step by Step Guide for Frontline Practitioners.  
This step-by-step guide complements, and should be read  in conjunction with, the Safeguarding children and young people from sexual exploitation1 statutory guidance published in 2009. It is intended for frontline practitioners in the statutory and voluntary and community sectors (VCS). It outlines the actions they should take, as a minimum, if they suspect that a child they are in contact with is being sexually exploited. 

NWG Network - The NWG is a Charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 2500 practitioners who disseminate our information down through their services, to professionals working on the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking within the UK.

Barnardo's - Do you work with Young People. Top Tips to Keep Safe.
As a professional steps you can take to help protect young people

The Newcastle SCR (CSE Relevant) - The Learning, key points and the relevance for Kirklees Safeguarding

Barnardo's - Spot the signs

Sexual exploitation affects thousands of children and young people every year. By knowing the tell-tale signs, we can all play an important role in reducing that number.

Look out for:

Therapeutic Group Work - For Trafficked Children

The Therapeutic Group Work Programme is aimed at children who are suspected of being internally trafficked for exploitation.

It’s a six week group work programme with a maximum of 6 per group that provides therapeutic activities which can help develop:

For an overview please click here. 

For the referral form please click here.

To print off the poster please click here.

Barnardo’s has published a leaflet for professionals across the UK. Click here to view the leaflet.

Barnardo’s has also published leaflets for parents, and young people across the UK.

Click here to view the leaflet for children

Click here to view the leaflet for parents

NSPCC - three short animations which deal with subject of sexual exploitation.
Available on YouTube.  The animations attempt to clarify the complex issues involved and offer starting points for discussion with young people who might be experiencing similar problems.
Source: YouTube: Jay 
Further information: 
My story is real
When someone cares about you

NSPCC - a short video for young people entitled “How do I know if I’m being groomed.”

PACE - Support to parents
Pace believes parents should be valued as key partners in safeguarding children from sexual exploitation.

BLAST Project - This is a specialist CSE service for boys and young men
Tel: 0113 2444209 / 07921 372 896 / 07407 761 569

Old enough To Know Better? Why sexually exploited older teenagers are being overlooked

Click here to access a new set of resources - Breaking Through Moving on From CSE

County Lines Information

Criminal Exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: County Lines guidance (Home Office, July 2017)

Know the signs to spot poster

Country Lines: Social Media Graphics

Country Lines: Protecting Vulnerable People from Exploitation: Posters

Country Lines: Posters for Bus and Coach Company Staff

Country Lines: Posters for Private Security Industry Staff

Country Lines: Posters for Taxi and Private Vehicle Hire Staff

Country Lines: Posters for Train and Rail Operator Staff

Country Lines: Posters for Letting Agents and Landlords

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yOUTh (Youth Out) Project

The yOUTh Project is part of the Brunswick Centre funded by the Big Lottery Fund and works across all of Kirklees providing support to LGB&T young people, their parents and carers.

Services include:

The project will involve LGB&T young people in improving services locally so they better meet their needs. Our team will work with organisations locally, regionally and nationally to improve the health and well-being of LGB&T young people and to make Kirklees a great place to be LGB&T. 

Whistleblowing advice line

Whistleblowing Advice Line picture

If you're a professional with concerns over how child protection issues are being handled in your own or another organisation, you can talk to us anonymously.

0800 028 0285 

New Thinkuknow parents and carers campaign launches

CEOP has launched a new campaign around the awareness of getting parents and carers to use social media and the interent to talk about sex and relationships with their children.

There is a link to a short video below  and also a page of information for parents at :

Indecent Images of Children Campaign

West Yorkshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) have launched a new campaign to highlight the consequences of looking at indecenet images of children online and to encourage them to seek help to change their behaviour.

For more information on the campaign visit -

Alternative terminology - Suggested alternatives for describing behaviour around CSE concerns

Inappropriate terms

Suggested alternatives

Putting themselves at risk

  • Child may have been groomed.
  • The child is at an increased vulnerability to being abused/exploited.
  • A Perpetrator may exploit the child’s increased Vulnerability
  • Situation could reduce the child’s safety
  • Location/situation could increase a perpetrators opportunity to abuse them.
  • Child in not in a protective environment
  • The location is dangerous to children
  • Not clear if the child  is under duress to go missing
  • Concerns are that the child may be being sexually abused
  • It is unclear why the child is getting in to cars.
  • Concern that there is a power imbalance forcing the child to act in this way.
  • Concerns regarding others Influences on the child. 

Sexual activity with…

  • They have been sexually abused
  • They have been raped.
  • Allegation of sexual abuse
  • Child has described sexual activity, however concerns exist that they child may have been groomed/coerced.

Sexually active since (Age under 13)

  • Raped
  • Concerns exist that child may have been coerced, exploited or sexually abused.
  • Child may have been sexually abused. 

Have been contacting adult Males/females via phone or internet

  • Adult males/females have been contacting the child.
  • Child may have been groomed.
  • Concerns that the adult is facilitating commination with a child.
  • Child is vulnerable to online perpetrators.
  • Concerns that others may be using online technology to access or abuse the child.
  • Adults appear to be using a range of methods to communicate with the child.

offering her drugs seemingly in return for sex’

  • Child is being sexually exploited
  • Concerns that the child has been raped
  • Perpetrators are sexually abusing the child
  • The child is being sexually abused
  • The child’s vulnerability regarding drug use is being used by others to abuse them.
  • The perpetrators have a hold over the child by the fact that they have a drug dependency.

Involved in CSE

This implies   there is a level of choice regarding the child being abused a better term would be the child is vulnerable to being sexually exploited or they are   being sexually exploited. A 5 year old would never be referred to as being   involved in sexual abuse for the same reasons.


This puts the blame on the child and implies they know what may be happening and therefore is not seen by practitioners as exploitative or abusive.
Often used to describe females behaviour.

Prostituting themselves

This completely misses that the child is being controlled/manipulated. Changes in legislation have meant that child prostitution is no longer an acceptable   term and should never be used.


Children have been challenged in court with practitioner’s recordings where their practitioner has referred to the perpetrator as the child’s boyfriend or   girlfriend. 

Posted on 07/11/2018

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