KSCB Business Plan


Business Plan 2017-19:

This Business Plan sets out the strategic priorities that the KSCB has identified that will be the primary focus for 2017-2019. These will drive the work of the KSCB and correspond with the priorities of the Children and Young People’s Trust, Health and Well Being strategy and Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. They also reflect learning from the recent Ofsted inspection and the LSCB diagnostic.

The plan will support the improvement plan and the involvement of services with children and young people in the Authority with the aspiration of supporting each child to reach their full potential. The plan will be updated annually to respond to local and national requirements and emerging themes identified through a process of learning and continuous improvement.

Business Plan 2016-18:

This Business Plan sets out the priorities of the KSCB for 2016/2018. The priorities have been established by the Board members through a process of consultation and debate with all partners regarding developing areas of concern, learning from local and national developments, and the Statutory functions of the KSCB.

Board Priorities:

  1. Strengthen the partnership approach and further develop challenge within the board
  2. Reduce the harm from neglect by improved and timely responses for children of all ages
  3. Ensure that multi-agency Early Help arrangements are effective at preventing harm and keeping children safe
  4. Improve identification, reduce occurrences and improve outcomes for young people at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  5. Strengthen the responses and interventions for children who go missing from home, care or school
  6. Support service improvement through developing the workforce by providing suitable learning opprtunities, responding to learning from serious case reviews (SCRs), audits and inspection findings
  7. Increase the engagement with, and influence of, young people and their families on the work of the Board

Business Plan 2013-2016

The KSCB board's priorities were to promote, monitor and evaluate multi agency effectiveness in safeguarding children and young people; strengthen and support a competent and equipped workforce that is committed to learning and developing safeguarding practice; to strengthen and develop the partnership approach to safeguard and promote the welfare of children; to minimise the incidence of child abuse and neglect and promote the work of the KSCB; to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of what is done by the Local Authority and Safeguarding Board partners; to communicate the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children; to review and investigate all serious incidents against children in Kirklees; to develop the skills and knowledge of workers in relation to safeguarding children.

Business Plan 2010-2013:

The Business Plan takes into account the requirements of the statutory guidance ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children'  (Department of Children, Schools and Families 2010), and it links with relevant strategic plans, for example, the Kirklees Children and Young People Plan and Kirklees Domestic Violence Strategy. A link to the current business is provided here: KSCB Business Plan 2010-2013.  Following a review of the Business Plan in March 2012 it was established that many of the actions had already been achieved; the Safeguarding Board subsequently approved an updated Business Plan with revised priorities which can be viewed here

Previous Business Plans:

KSCB Business Plan  2013-2016
KSCB Business Plan 2007-2010

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