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To view all the Child Sexual Exploitation training courses provided by KSCB, click here


The Child Bereavement UK have published a campaign to help Children and parents with support following the death of a child or parent. For further details of the #onemoreminute campaign, please visit 


Please see attached two flyers for workshops looking at the local lessons from our most recent Serious Case Reviews. 

An information pack and presentation will be given to all those attending the Local lessons sessions in order that they are able to further pass on the learning to their colleagues who were not able to attend in person. 

Please note the October events for practitioners. 

Practitioner Briefings 10th, 12th and 20th October

Managers Briefings 2nd and 16th November

Book on by logging onto the KSCB training system.


Thriving Kirklees, the new health partnership for services to support children and young people aged 0-19, will now be contacted in two simple ways.

From Monday 2 October 2017, the health services involved in the Thriving Kirklees partnership can all be contacted on one telephone number – 0300 304 5555

The new telephone number also replaces the ASK CAMHS telephone service, offering an enhanced service for GPs, parents and schools to refer to CAMHS and ChEWS.

This will ensure early access to the following services:

A new Thriving Kirklees’ website has also been set up and is fully operational since October at – giving access to information about the Thriving Kirklees services, health advice and an online referral form open to both practitioners and the public to request support for children, young people and families – that includes young people themselves who can access help and support directly. For further information, click here.


KSCB Enable Audit Tool Events

The KSCB are now launching this new tool and attendance is encouraged from practitioners and managers who will be involved in Multi-Agency Audits and other audits with the KSCB.

Title: KSCB Enable Audit Tool Launch

Date & Time: 21 September - 2.00pm - 3.00pm & 22 September - 10.30pm - 11.30pm

Details: The KSCB have recently invested in the Enable Audit Software which is an online auditing system created by Virtual College that is designed to simplify the process of audits. The KSCB will be utilising this new tool for the Section 11 Audit along with the Multi-Agency Audits and surveys. The Key features of the system are:

• Reporting – Export reports instantly as PDF, Word or Excel documents • Action Plans – Create essential action plans for specific questions and   categories   • Build – Build your own audits to meet specific organisational requirements   • Self-registration – Self Registration systems allows users to create their own login   • Organisations – Create an organisation structure and assign roles to different users

Venue: Hudawi Centre, Huddersfield

So that we can launch this new tool across the partnership, we would like you to sign up for this session and/or delegate members of your organisation who will most likely be involved in KSCB Multi-Agency Audits. You can sign up to the course here : 

This course will provide a basic understanding of the system and will give delegates an opportunity to ask questions on specific areas so that they are comfortable with completing future KSCB Audits.

NSPCC guidance and support for the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector

The NSPCC have launched new guidance and support which are aimed at voluntary and community organisations, as well as social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations that may not consider themselves to be within the voluntary, community and faith sectors.

The standards help organisations to take responsibility for keeping children, young people and young adults safe; have a practical approach; and comply with legislation and national guidance. They provide useful templates, examples, and links to further information, and are designed to be used alongside our safeguarding tool.

For further information, pease click here.

Children's Commisioner Vulnerability Report

The Children's Commisioner Vulnerability Report details England’s plans for the year ahead 2017-18.
This report was described as being a basis for developing a framework for how professionals refer to vulnerability and then work to reduce numbers of vulnerable children.

To view the full report, click here.

Posted - 06/07/2017

Prevention Of Young Person Suicide

For help, advice, resources and articles on young person suicide, please click here

CAMHS Report - A Child's Journey

This report is a full review of all the impact of emotional wellbeing and mental health services provided in Kirklees for children and young people on safeguarding children and promoting their welfare. To view the report, click here.

Updated KSCB Training Charging Policy

Please cick here to see the amended KSCB charging policy.

Suicide Awareness - The Effect on Children & Young People

The LSCB and partners recognise that children and young people can be affected by the loss of a loved one through suicide. Sadly Children and young people are also more at risk of taking their own life than ever before.

The Venue for the event is: Pinderfields Hospital Trust Headquarters, Pinderfields Hospital, Aberford Road, Wakefield, WF1 4DG on Tuesday 10th October 2017, 9.30am-12.30

Latest suicide statistics highlight young suicide in the UK at its highest for the past 10 years. In 2015 1,659 young people under 35 years took their own lives; an increase of 103 more than in 2014 and 58 above the previous highest recorded figure (1,631 in 2011).

"Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK. It is a national crisis that can no longer be ignored"

Come along to this event to hear about how Children and Young People are affected by the loss of a loved one through suicide.
The event will also explore why Children and Young people sometimes take their own lives and what support is available for them.
This event is a partnership approach between the LSCB, The Samaritans, Public Health, Andys Mans Clubs and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

Booking is essential and is done by sending an email requesting a place to

My First Mobile Phone Free Online Safety Resource

An event took place at the John Smith’s Stadium in Huddersfield with over one hundred school staff attending the launch of ‘My First Mobile Phone’ online awareness website and toolkit on Tuesday 23 May 2017.

The website and toolkit has been created by Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board (KSCB) in partnership with West Yorkshire Police, staff and pupils from St Thomas CE Primary School in Huddersfield and Ravenshall School in Dewsbury. The aim of these resources is to keep children safe when the are using the internet, social networks, apps and games as a result of receiving their first mobile phone. The project is funded through a 10k grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner.

For further information and to access the lesson plans, click here

International Missing Persons Day - Thursday 25 May 2017

Missing people requires a multi-agency response and is therefore a priority for West Yorkshire Police, Local Authorities, the Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board (KSCB), NHS and other agencies across the county and numbers of incidents are increasing nationally.
The types of people that go missing is varied and the reasons why they go missing is also wide ranging. Investigations and searches for missing people are resource intensive for all agencies involved. Media interest in missing people is high, both locally and nationally, and social media messages regarding missing people attract lots of public attention, both positively and negatively. In West Yorkshire the four main reasons for young people going missing are identified as relationships, mental health, disability and LGBT issues.

To view posters for the missing campaign click here

Neglect and Early Help Strategy

This Neglect and Early Help Strategy commits all partners working with vulnerable children in Kirklees, to providing effective early help to children and their families. Many of these children will be at risk of or already experiencing neglect and all partners are committed to understanding and tackling neglect, together with its root causes, with the intention of securing better outcomes for children over their lifetimes. 

This strategy replaces both the KSCB’s Multi- Agency Strategy on Neglect (October 2015) and the Draft Integrated Early Intervention and Prevention Strategy (July 2016).  We have brought these two strands together to reflect our understanding that the long term impact of neglect on children is clearly evident from research. As professionals we need to recognise the signs of neglect early. We know that neglect can be difficult to identify in its early stages and its impact can be hidden. Therefore, identifying signs of neglect early is very important- as parents can more readily adopt changes, and in so doing secure better outcomes for their children.

Keeping Children Safe Online

NSPCC have teamed up with O2 to help you keep children safe when they're using the internet, social networks, games and more.

For advice, support, information and tools - click here

Run a Beep Beep Day - Saving Little Lives

Every year thousands of tots and infants aged 2-7 take part in a special Beep Beep! Day.

It's a great way to engage children with the road safety basics through fun activities, while raising awareness among parents and the wider community about protecting children on roads.  

Each Beep Beep! Day will have a different theme with brand new free and low-cost resources meaning you can run more than one event throughout the year

To view the Beep Beep flyer, please click here

Yorkshire Sport Foundation

Yorkshire Sport Foundation is committed to promoting the safety and welfare of children and young people and adults at risk engaged in sporting activities locally.

Yorkshire Sport Foundation – Designated Person

Gillian Brown (Development Manager – Safeguarding Lead): 0113 3939950 / 07794 248083

Debra Cummins (Safeguarding Deputy): 0113 3939950 / 07964 209313

Click here to access the Yorkshire Sport Foundation website

Channel Referral Guidance for Partners

This document has been developed to assist you in making a referral to Kirklees Prevent. It should aid your decision making on whether to make a referral and provide you with guidance on what information should be included within the referral. It must be stressed that this document is for guidance, must not be taken out of context to highlight single issues or statements and is not intended to be used as a definitive checklist. This guidance must be read, taken as a whole and used in line with your professional judgement, safeguarding training and Prevent policies.

Click here to access the document.

West Yorkshire Safeguarding Procedures - December Update

Click the below link to access the latest changes to the West Yorkshire Consortium Safeguarding procedures. 

A summary of the main changes made this time can be found by following the link on the manual homepage.

Measuring the Impact of Child Protection Case Conferences

In Kirklees we have used the ‘Strengthening Families Model’ of Child Protection Conferences for over 2 years.

We are implementing “Risk Sensible” a new social work model and will need to make some changes in how we deliver Child Protection Conferences.  We need to know how you have experienced the conference so we can make comparisons and measure impact once the changes have been implemented.

We are evaluating the current model to explore whether it is meeting its objectives:

Engaging parents, children and family members more in the process and plan development; Ensuring parents, children, family members and professionals are able to be heard in conferences; Developing better plans for children.

We want to maintain these objectives and ensure that any amendments we make are beneficial to outcomes for children.

To take part in the survey, click here


If you are experiencing any difficulties with the course management system, please check our comprehensive FAQ’s which should resolve your problem. If your problem is not covered by our FAQ’s then please call 01484 225161 (internal 860 5161)

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 went live on 5th September 2016.

This document identifies expected standards of staff training in schools. With immediate effect. There is now an expectation that ALL staff will read Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 as a minimum to support their level of training around child safeguarding.

This requirement is in addition to any safeguarding courses or safeguarding updates staff receive annually. This document sets out what school and college staff should know and what actions they must undertake in respect of a safeguarding concern coming to light.

Future Ofsted inspections will incorporate checks to ensure this has been complied with so please ensure once staff have read it they sign a document to confirm which you should retain in your safeguarding records

The following hyperlink will take you straight to the relevant document which is 20 pages in length.


The NSPCC has launched a helpline to support adults who have concerns about children and young people being radicalised or who need advice on how to talk to their children about issues related to terrorism.

Helpline practitioners have been trained to spot the warning signs of radicalisation so they can advise adults who are worried about a child being groomed.

You can contact trained helpline counsellors at the NSPCC for 24/7 help, advice and support on 0808 800 5000 or


The MASH receives information from partners and the public who have concerns around a child’s welfare.

It then considers the most appropriate response for a child, delivered at the right time by the right person. Sharing the right level of detailed, evidence based and meaningful information about the child and their circumstances is crucial to making sure we are meeting the needs of children.

View the guidance document here.

Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF)

The MAR Form has been developed for partners to complete and send to MASH when there are concerns about a child. A three-week consultation with partners ended on 24th June and, as a result of the feedback, amendments were made to the MAR Form.

Partners are expected to complete the MAR Form with as much information as possible about the child and their family, the circumstances for the child, the nature of the concerns, and what support has already been offered. Consent to share information should always be sought from the child’s parents/carers unless to do this would increase the risk to the child.

However if there are concerns about a child’s immediate safety then MASH must be contacted immediately on 01484 456848 and/or contact the police.

View the document here.

New Phone Service For Children And Young People Launched

ASK CAMHS helpline (which stands for Access and Support for Kirklees Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

A new one-stop-shop phone service for children and young people with emotional and mental health needs across Kirklees has been launched (1 April 2016).

The phone line will operate on weekdays from 9am – 8pm (5pm on Friday); and Saturday from 9.30am – 1.30pm. For more information click here

Award Winning Domestic Abuse Campaign Aims To Help Pregnant Mums:

Domestic abuse campaign 'It's never ok' will be entering it's second phase this week.

The Campaign is a partnership aproach between between Pennine Domestic Violence Group, West Yorkshire Police, NHS, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, Probation Services, Locala, lifeline/On-TRAK, Community Partnerships, Kirklees College Huddersfield University and voluntary and community organisations.

It is aimed at pregnant women, aged 16 and over highlights that domestic abuse doesn't stop during pregnancy and advises that midwives can offer support and guidance to those affected. Please click here for the press release.

For video's on this campaign, please click here.

NSPCC New Whistleblowing Advice Line

The NSPCC have launched a new whistleblowing helpline to provide free advice and support to professionals wanting to raise concerns about how child protection issues are being handled in their own or other organisations.

For more information, click here.

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